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The Isle of Wight Rugby Magazine is published quarterly and available via a subscription (via direct debit)..

Subscribe to the Isle of Wight Rugby Magazine

Published quarterly (August, December, March and June) you can subscribe to the Isle of Wight Rugby Magazine, from £5.99 per month (IOW postcodes) or £7.99 (mainland U.K. postcodes) - visit the Isle of Wight Rugby Magazine subscriptions page and to sign-up.


Subscribe to the Isle of Wight Rugby Magazine

Visit the Isle of Wight Rugby Magazine website for subscription options.

It is easy to sign-up via the links below (you will be prompted to enter your name, email address, postal address and bank account details - we do not see or receive your bank account details, as they are retained by the direct debit collection system - Go Cardless (a U.K. based payment processor)) - further details are provided below.

The Isle of Wight Rugby Magazine is published quarterly and available via a subscription (via direct debit), with payments made to Kaputino Limited (5063 Publishing is a trading name of Kaputino Limited - an Isle of Wight company).

You will be re-directed to the sign-up screen of Go Cardless (the payment processor for the direct debit) to input your name, email address, bank account sort code, bank account number and postcode (to find your address - alternatively you can enter your address manually).

The Go Cardless payment processor is a U.K. based payment processing company, who offer the direct debit guarantee for all direct debit sign-ups.

We do not receive your payment details, only your name and address as someone who has signed-up for the subscription with these details held only for the purposes of administering your order (we do not pass on your details to third-parties).

T&Cs apply:

Delivery of the magazine for subscription will take place within 7 days of the publication date (often sooner).

You may cancel your subscription at any time (we will be notified) and you will no longer receive the magazine up to the edition you have paid for prior to your subscription cancellation. You will only receive an edition where you have made full payment for any edition (ie if you cancel your subscription prior to full payment being made for any edition).

Where there is a failure of the payment of the direct debit we will be notified and there will be a further attempt by Go Cardless to collect the payment. We will then contact you should this second attempt at payment fail. We will then establish with you as to whether you wish to continue your subscription or pay for each order via our online shop.

The cost of the subscription may vary after the first twelve months, but you will be notified of any intended increases to subscription rates before they apply so you have time to consider whether to continue your subscription.